The Concept

Creek-link is a simple online mapping tool designed to help local environmental groups engage more effectively with their communities. Anyone can view Creek-link maps on desktop computers, laptops, iPads and smart phones. 

Currently 20 Landcare Groups across Victoria use their own customised Creek-link map. The 20 Groups use a simple colour coded interactive graphic to show where, over the years, their members and the local community have successfully undertaken rehabilitation works along their local waterways.

An online Creek-link map has many benefits; 

  • It shows the broader community just how effective volunteer groups like Landcare have been since inception. 
  • It encourages and supports land holders who are interested in improving their own section of waterway.
  • It helps engage with a younger generation of potential Landcarers by appealing to their interests and preferred ways of working. (e.g. Technology based solutions which allow for more flexibility in commitment/involvement.)
  • It lifts the morale of both past and present members by enabling them to clearly see just how much they have achieved over the years.

Using a Creek-link map can also help;

  • Project Coordinators – to more quickly and effectively apply for funding grants by illustrating project objectives.
  • Groups – to maximise the effectiveness of future revegetation projects by enabling a greater focus on waterway connectivity.