History of Creek-link

The Creek link community engagement tool is an idea which began and was nurtured in the East Otway Landcare Group located in South Western Victoria.

Back in 2010 members of the East Otway Landcare Group met to plan their priorities for the coming years. They agreed that improving connectivity along their local waterways was the single most important long term aim for the group.

Over the years the Group had been involved in many environmental rehabilitation projects. However it was the projects that helped improve  waterway quality which typically provided the most benefit to both the environment and communities.

The Group did a good deal of research. Much to their surprise it became apparent that there were no detailed maps of their local area showing where past waterway improvements had been undertaken. Nor were there detailed maps showing waterway condition across most of  Victoria.

They realised that  progress on waterway connectivity would be severely hampered without accurate, accessible and local waterway restoration maps. And so the process was begun with many interested stakeholders keen to fill this knowledge gap. It has led, a number of years later, to the current Creek-link mapping and community engagement tool.