Anyone can look at the creek condition and rehabilitation maps, without a login.

From the home page click on the Group of interest  to you eg: Three Creeks Landcare Group.

A map will be loaded. You will see a simple graphic which looks like a segmented snake or snakes running along the named waterways in your Landcare area. The map is interactive. Click on controls to get different information.



On the map of the Group you have selected, you will see what look like a number of coloured segmented pathways layered over the map. An orange line indicates the boundary of the Landcare Group you have selected. A legend is on the left.

The ’segments’ along the pathways will be one of five different colours:

      No Colour (Unknown)
This colour represents sites which have yet to be visited by members of the Group.

      Dark Grey (Empty)
This site has been visited and either there is less than 80% native vegetation cover and stock have access to the waterway or, the landholder has requested that information about their section of waterway is not included on the map.

      Red (Interested)
The landholder at this site has indicated that in the right circumstances they would be interested in rehabilitating their section of waterway.

      Yellow (Partially completed)
Either there is at least 80% native vegetation cover but stock have access to the waterway, or there is less than 80% native vegetation cover but stock have been excluded from the waterway.

      Green (Completed)
There is at least 80% native vegetation cover at this site and stock have been excluded from the waterway.

Users can click on any segment to obtain additional information relating to that section of waterway. A purple circle indicates the creek segment for which details are showing. Additional information  includes: the name of the creek, the name of the local Landcare group, the contact details for that local group, the date vegetation was planted and more.

Please Note: The reliability of information available on a given Landcare area map is the responsibility of the group nominated in the Management Group field within the Details Box. If members of the public have queries or comments relating to specific Landcare areas it is suggested they use the group's contact details if on the Internet.

Map Managers are members of local Landcare groups that have been nominated to update the data relevant to their group’s individual map.

Landcare Managers are provided with a password which they can use to access the section of the web site where their data is updated. The manager's login window is accessed from the tools icon in the menu.



The details panel appears when a creek section segment is highlighted (clicked on).



Landcare Managers click the Manager Guide to learn how to edit the map for your Group.